Cuisinart TOB-195 Toaster Oven Broiler Review

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4.4/5 on August 10, 2017

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This oven has a .6 square foot interior capacity, and can toast up to 6 pieces of bread at one time
Buttons for every feature that you could want for your toaster oven, including pizza/bake, bagel, toast, broil, toast, convection, defrost, and reheat.
It has a shade control and a heat sensor so that your oven can achieve and maintain the perfect temperature for preparing your food
High tech electronic touch pad and keys that make setting your oven clock and timers convenient and easy
The interior of the oven is very easy to clean. You can simply remove the tray and wipe it down as soon as the oven cools down, or use the self-cleaning mode.


 Does not have the capabilities, capacity, or settings for a rotisserie
 This is a smaller sized oven, which is great for squeezing into limited counter space, but not ideal for baking a whole pizza or cooking larger items
 The convection fan can get really loud after only a couple of years of regular use, which can be annoying
 It comes with a three year limited warranty


If you are looking for either the perfect oven for toasting, cooking, defrosting, and preparing food, or the perfect substitute for your conventional microwave oven, this might be the perfect addition to your kitchen. In this model is one of the best toaster ovens available. The Cusinart oven provides a reliable and high-performance oven that is loaded with presets for baking just about anything, as long as it fits in the oven’s smaller size capacity.

Need a little more specificity in your baking? This convection toaster oven also has custom temperature controls that you can adjust to create the perfectly baked personal pizza, or toast your bagel to the perfect crispness.

The only things that this oven lacks is a rotisserie option and enough space to do so. Otherwise, this is a reliable toaster oven from one of the leading brands in kitchen appliances. If you need a toaster oven to cover the basic of toasting, baking, convection, reheating, defrosting, and broiling, this is an excellent choice. The bonus is that this oven is really easy to clean. Just make sure that it is totally cool before you decide to remove the tray and start cleaning it.

Overall, this is a powerful and compact oven that could be a great addition to your kitchen. If you need a simple and effective way to heat, bake, toast, defrost, or prepare food, this reliable and compact oven will save you the time and headache that can be caused by other, less reliable toaster oven models. Click here for best toaster oven reviews.


Highlighted Features

Precision Heating Technology

This oven is stocked with precision heating technology that not only allows you to get your oven to the perfect temperature, but also keeps the temperature from fluctuating while cooking. It bakes evenly over every inch of the oven, and from corner-to-corner of the oven’s interior. The TOB-195 is also equipped with a shade control and heat sensor so that it can maintain temperature perfectly, while in use.


Decent Cooking Capacity

The interior of the oven is 0.6 cubic feet and is the perfect size for preparing personal meals and snacks for small groups. You can fit six slices of bread or pizza in the oven at one time, and the outer dimensions of the oven are small enough that it makes this Cusinart model incredibly easy to add to your countertop, or stow away in your kitchen cabinets.


All of the Cooking Settings that You Need

We really enjoy the electronic touch pad on this model. The touchpad allows you to select the perfect setting for what you are cooking, toasting, baking, or broiling. You have all the customization that you need to set the temperature of your oven, or you can simply use the presets that are built into the model.


Easy to Clean Interior

The interior of this oven is extremely easy to clean in a couple of different ways. You can simple remove the baking tray or insert, when the oven is cool, to wipe down the tray and the interior. It also has a self cleaning mode that you can use to clean the interior, with ease.


Warranty Included

This model comes with a three year limited warranty that covers that basics, should anything happen to your oven within the first three years of purchase.


Who is this for?

This toaster oven model is perfect for anyone who is looking for a quicker and more efficient way to heat and prepare food in your kitchen. It is equally great for heating leftover pizza or baking your own creation, as it is toasting your breakfast sandwich or a bagel to the perfect degree.

This oven is perfect for busy families or busy individuals. It provides a quick way to throw together or heat up a meal. This oven can also be a great substitute for microwaves, if you are trying to avoid radiating your food.


Who is this not for?

If you cook for a living or are passionate about cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, this model is probably going to be far beneath your cooking prowess. This is more of a casual-cook model than it is for those that are advanced experts, in the kitchen.

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