Cuisinart CPT-440 4-Slice Toaster Review

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4.1/5 on October 31, 2018

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Attractive brushed nickel design that would blend in well with other stainless steel appliances in your kitchen

Leverless design looks sleek and contemporary

Two LCD screens, easy-to-understand touch controls and preset buttons

Two independent controls, each one controlling two slots

Slots wide enough to accommodate bagels and frozen waffles

Even toasting across all four slots

Seven browning levels

Multiple toasting functions - toast, bagel, defrost, reheat

Seven-point shade control scale allows for more customization

Countdown timer on the corresponding LCD screen shows how much time is left in each cycle

No ridges where crumbs can get caught



No lever, no way to “boost up” the toast at the end of the cycle

Large footprint on the counter


Very attractive, contemporary-looking, high-end appliance that gives predictable and reliable results. Leverless design could be a plus or a minus, depending on your personal preferences. Lower whatever you are toasting with a touch of a button; at the end the food will gently rise up - this definitely raises the cool factor, gives it a more expensive feel, and could be entertaining to watch, especially in the first few days. The motorized lift makes getting smaller things, like English muffins, easy to get out - no prongs needed. CPT-440 4-Slice Toaster is definitely a splurge at almost $100, but will look great in any kitchen.

No doubt about it, Cuisinart CPT-440 Toaster is a one of the best 4-slice toasters on the market. The leverless mechanism is definitely a plus: there’s nothing to startle you at the end of the toasting cycle and no spring-loading mechanism that can break. The toaster makes a gentle ping sound when your toast is ready.

Cuisinart CPT-440 4-Slice Toaster Review

Dual Independent Toasting Controls

Four-slice capacity is a big plus if you have a large family, but that comes with a fairly large counter footprint. The huge advantage of this toaster is the dual independent toasting controls, which allow you to run two different toasting cycles, two slices on each side. You can prepare two slices of toast for yourself on one side, and two frozen waffles for the kids on the other side, all at the same time. Perfect for busy weekday mornings! If you like light toast but your partner likes dark toast, no problem – it is easy to keep everyone happy with the dual controls. This is a definite time-saver for a busy family.

Bagel Setting

The toaster has a bagel setting – slice your bagel in half, stick it in the toaster and press the bagel button. You can toast only the cut side of your bagel. If you like your bagel crisp on both sides, just select the toast function.

Reheat Function

The reheat function is very handy. You can reheat a bagel or a piece of toast without it burning it. The defrost function is useful when you have to use something straight from the freezer, like the sprouted bread that has to be kept frozen.

Compact Size

You would definitely need to clear out some space on your counter. This toaster measures 11 x 10.2 inches. If you don’t have a lot of mouths to feed, you may prefer Cuisinart’s similar model that has only two slots.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

This toaster has an automatic shut-off feature; if the bread gets jammed inside, the toaster will turn itself off to prevent overheating.

Easy to Clean

Clean-up is easy with the removable crumb tray. The toaster has a cord wrap-up underneath to control unsightly power cords. Like any stainless steel appliance, the toaster will show fingerprints. You can use stainless steel cleaner or wipes to wipe the toaster on the outside. Learn more about how to clean a toaster.

Three-Year Warranty

This toaster comes with three-year limited warranty, longer than most warranties for small appliances. You will have to send the toaster to the Cuisinart for repairs or replacement.

Who is this for?

Large families who need to prepare more than two slices of toast at a time or couples who like their toast at different level of doneness. The toaster looks great and wouldn’t be out of place in a modern kitchen. It will add a modern touch to any interior.

Who is this not for?

Small families, singles or anyone who doesn’t need to toast four things at once. Because of the fairly large footprint, this toaster will be a tight fit in a smaller kitchen or a kitchen with limited countertop space. If you are on a budget, there are cheaper or smaller toasters with similar functions. The motorized lift is a fun feature and the electronic controls give this toaster a slightly futuristic feel; both of these make the Cuisinart CPT-440 a great gift for someone who loves gadgets.


Cuisinart CPT-440 is a great toaster for a large, busy family that have enough space on the counter to accommodate a larger toaster. It looks very contemporary and all the advanced features make the almost $100 price-tag easier to swallow.

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