Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven Review

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4.7/5 on June 22, 2017

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Powerful 1800 watt oven
Big enough to hold four slices of pizza
Total size of 3/5 cubic feet on the inside of the oven
Eight preset functions that you can use to cook just about anything that you need from bagels to rotisserie chickens
Fully backlit LCD screen display
Temperature control dial
Defrost button
Temperature conversion button
Comes with 10 x 10 inch enamel baking pan and a 10 x 10 rack for broiling


The inner coating of the oven can start to fray and peel within the first year
The oven can get so hot that if it isn’t sitting far enough away from the wall, it can start to melt the power cord and plug
The display cannot be viewed easily from all angles


This oven is ideal for anyone who wants to save time at home and still be able to cook incredible tasting food, without having to learn how to really cook. If you have a busy schedule or a large family, these can be really convenient for making quick and easy meals.

However, for professional chefs and people who love to cook and have time to do it, this oven is going to leave something to be desired.

Overall, this is an incredibly intelligent and easy to use oven that can help you save time and make great tasting food.

Having a countertop oven is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to make preparing food at home that much easier. If you are intimidated by baking in your oven or cooking something on the stove, compact, smart ovens are a great way to limit the amount of time and stress that you are having in the kitchen.

Much like a slow cooker, smart ovens have built in technology that allows you to simply

– Place the food that you want to be cooked, into the oven
– Make sure that the oven is set to cook exactly what you need it to
– Press start, and wait for the timer to count down

They are so easy, that anyone can use them. It doesn’t matter if you have had 10 years of cooking experience, 3-5 years experience, or one month on your own of just ordering pizza. Smart ovens are made to be efficient and incredibly user friendly.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at a top performing smart oven, the Breville BOV650XL smart oven. We are going to give you an overview of everything that it offers and features that make it one of the best toaster ovens available.

Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven Review



Breville BOV650XL the Compact Smart Oven Review

First and foremost, this oven has plenty of room for cooking anything that you need. It has room for four whole slices of pizza, or about half of a large pizza. That also leaves room for a small 12 inch pizza or four large slices of toast. It is .6 cubic feet on the interior of the oven, and has a removable oven rack and baking pan.

Technology and Features

What separates this countertop oven for regular ovens and other countertop ovens is that it features smart baking technology. This oven has a backlit LCD that can display what you are baking, the level that you are baking at, and the total time left in the baking cycle. It also features eight baking presets that include settings for

– Bagels
– Pizza
– Toast
– Baking
– Broiling
– Roasting for meats
– Baking cookies

This oven’s smart cooking and baking technology makes it so easy to use that it doesn’t require any kind of previous cooking experience to be able to use it. It has three rack positions and a removable crumb tray for quick and easy clean up. This oven has a nice tempered glass window that is perfect for holding up to the dramatic temperature changes of the oven. It also has a defrost button and the display can easily be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and vice versa.


As you have probably already ascertained from reading this, this oven is extremely easy to use and operate. To bake anything in your oven, all you have to do is

– Make sure that the baking rack is in the perfect position for what you are trying to bake. Keep in mind, that level is going to need to change based on what you are cooking in the oven.
– Make sure that your oven is put on the right settings. If you are cooking a bagel, toast, or pizza, you are going to want to make sure that you select the right level of darkness or lightness of your crust or bread. If you are defrosting, make sure that you use the defrost setting
– Then all you have to do is put your food in the oven, onto the oven rack, hit the start button, and you are ready to go.

Included Accessories

The accessories that are included with this powerful smart oven are

– A movable baking rack that you can easily place to the level of your baking needs
– A removable crumb tray for easy cleanup
– A 10 x 10 inch enamel baking pan
– A 10 x 10 inch enamel broil rack



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